Second Home x The Natural History Museums of Los Angeles have teamed up to present the Second Home Pavilion - magical new space in the La Brea Tar Pits.

Discover the thinking behind the Second Home Pavilion as you scroll...

“Great buildings make you happier, more creative and more productive”

Sam and Rohan, founders of Second Home

Second Home have brought the Second Home Pavilion to LA as a #lovelettertoLA, a magical expression of architecture for the whole city to enjoy.

Second Home

A workspace as creative

as you are. 

“The whole Pavilion was an experiment - we decided

to play with it as much as possible”

SelgasCano, the Second Home Pavilion architects

SelgasCano on the design of the Pavilion

Why Second Home cares about great design

SelgasCano's Second Home
SelgasCano's Second Home
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